Avionics Installation and Troubleshooting
                                                                  Avionics Installation and Troubleshooting

Cash or check 5% discounted price below. Credit Card add 5% for regular price. Failure to pay promptly will result in full price adjustment and collection fees.
Destination fee varies and depends on the distance/time travel to locations other than 1TT8.

Example of prices below:
Single System 20kft VFR test start at $320.00 + destination fee ($50) + inspection fee if required ($0)= $370
Single System 20kft IFR test start at = $350.00 + destination fee ($50) + inspection fee if required ($0)= $400
 2023 PRICES
Mode A/C TransponderTest $110.00
Mode S Transponder Test $125.00
ADSB tests (in addition to transponder) $120
(takes more time due to air/ground and other readings
requiring more expensive test equipment and GPS positioning requirements)
20KFT Altimeter VFR test $50.00
20KFT Altimeter IFR $80.00
35KFT Altimeter IFR $95.00
50KFT Altimeter IFR $125.00
Altitude Reporting 20k Test $80.00
Altitude Reporting 35k Test $95.00
Altitude Reporting 50kft Test $125.00

Single Pitot/Static System Test $80.00
Second Pitot/Static System Test on Same Aircraft add $80.00

RVSM aircraft are currently not being supported.

Contact by email for more details.



Send an email to set up an appointment. Schedule early as limited dates are available.

New destination charges and minimum work order price changes. (see below)

Avgas is also available. Price can be checked on AIRNAV.


Time Aerospace LLC can provide avionics systems testing, troubleshooting and installations using quality ramp test equipment and with over thirty (30) years of avionics experience. See the News section for recent photos and information on current projects. FAR 91.411 and FAR91.413 test requirements. Inspections will be done on a first come first scheduled basis to be performed at local area airports. Please contact me to see if it would apply (See below). Prices below do not include repair, applicable sales tax, destination charges or airport taxes if required. Email me for other rates, estimates or quotes.

Shop Rates:
Current hourly rates for Installation, troubleshooting and repairs will be $100 per hour.
There is a minimum starting at $120 per Work Order/visit to cover paperwork plus travel costs.

Destination Fee:
Revised destination charge now in effect. Locations at KSSF, KSKF, 8T8, 1TE4, KBAZ, T94, 1T7, area heliports, or nearby airports will have a destination fee of $40 to $80 per trip. Other farther areas may require an additional incurred costs and higher travel fee per round trip due to time to load vehicle, travel time and multiple trip charges may be incurred if all parts/materials are not available.. 
Contact me for more details to see if the fee will apply. A Destination fee helps to cover a small amount of the time spent traveling to the destination, vehicle wear and fuel costs associated with different locations. I am always evaluating vehicle operational costs to keep prices down to provide the best quality service and value.

Inspection Fee:
Extensive time has been spent on verifying aircraft time and installed equipment on some aircraft. If the logbooks/documentation are not provided at time of inspection with record of equipment installed on some aircraft, an inspection fee to research equipment, removal and installation time charges may be added to the invoice depending on difficulty of access to verify equipment at the current shop repair rate with a minimum of .5 hours. In most cases there is no difficulty.

Some Instrument Repair Services are available allowing a quick turn in some cases. Any repairs to instrument, pitot or static system is above the estimated price. Any repairs performed that do not continue to work are not warranted. Intermittants occur on older/used systems and aircraft.

As part of our continued dedication to quality services, Time Aerospace LLC is on a DOT drug testing program.

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