Avionics Installation and Troubleshooting
                                                                  Avionics Installation and Troubleshooting


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Effective Immediately: (amended 2/7/2020)

New Past due Invoice Fee is in effect. Cost for invoice payment recovery is increasing. When People do not pay in time, I pay finance charges on their parts and Payroll. I also incur lost jobs due to collection efforts and increased book keeping requirements. In order to keep prices under control I regret that I must update the Request for Work Agreement.

Read the Terms in the Request for work Amendment below.

Invoices are COD unless otherwise previously arranged. Payments not made within 30 days unless a previous agreement is made will result in additional collection charges and fees. A mechanics lien may be placed on the aircraft and discounts that may have been applied will be removed. Collection fees may result in costs doubling the original invoice. Please pay promptly. Any issues may be resolved if I am contacted promptly via email. The Terms and Conditions statement is added at the end of this page applicable to all work performed and amended 9/7/2015.

Destination charges are added to work performed which started March 1, 2011. This charge will be applied to all services.
Effective March 23, 2017 due to fuel costs, travel time, vehicle repairs and equipment repair/calibration costs now have a minimum destination charge of $40 per day of travel now implemented in addition to standard shop rates and minimum Work Order rate of $150. This will not be prorated. This includes all services. Outside of the local Metro San Antonio area may be higher depending on how many miles and traffic difficulties are traveled to the location. Call to see if the charges are higher for you.

Current hourly rates for installation, troubleshooting and repairs will be $100 per hour.

Contact us for your specific support requirements!

Time Aerospace can support capabilities including engineering, avionics/aircraft electrical systems integration & installation, General Aviation, Corporate Aviation and Commercial Aerospace support in several disciplines.

Time Aerospace can provide service and support for electronics repair, research and development of electronics and sub-assemblies to provide our customers test capabilities without the high start-up costs of trying to do it in house.

Items developed currently include Fairchild Aircraft - AOA test set PN 27-03 from existing drawings and a Fairchild Aircraft - Continuous Ignition System test set designed and developed by Time Aerospace in Schertz Texas.

Garmin GMA340 Audio Panel, GNS530W GPS/NAV/COM, GNS430W GPS/NAV/COM, GTX330 Transponder, KCS-55A compass system, WX-500 Storm-scope, GDL-69A XM music/weather, and Shadin miniflow. This Cessna 210 was started with no radios installed and was a restoration project.

Some images are below:

Garmin Touchscreen GTN750 with GTX330 and PMA7000H Audio/Music/ICS!
Sintson Voyager
Ammendment 1: Any invoice over 30 days old or requiring driving for collection will have a minimum $150 fee and the 3% monthly late charges. If invoice is turned to collection, all discounts are removed and destination charges applied if not previously charged. The charges for collection will be added to the invoice. Example: After 90 days the charge will be double the invoice.

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